Paragraph on My Role Model (373 Words)


Here is your short paragraph on my role model:

Every person would have a role model in life. A role model is somebody whom we look upon, respect and aspire to be like.

It could be somebody at home, or anywhere whom you have met or seen at some part of your life. Their good qualities would make you want to be like them. My role model is my mother.


My mother is somebody whom I look upon. I always wonder how she manages the entire task together and so wonderfully and gets everything done on time and neatly. She is a working mom and she manages the house so very well.

She does her office work and gets back home on time, makes lovely and delicious food for us every day, does all the household chores alone and makes sure that all payments are also done on time. She gets up early in the morning, cooks us great food for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Makes snacks for us to take to school, she then goes for her work and does her office work too with so much of ease.


Coming back home in the evening, she plays with us, complete her work in the kitchen, makes us study our daily homework and finally tell us stories to sleep. She also takes good care of her hobbies, which includes reading, cooking and photography. She makes sure that she finds time for all of these.

Apart from all these also, she spends time with the entire family and time for her parents too. She makes sure that everybody’s needs as are meet and looked after well and that no one is left un-attended. I really wonder how much effort she takes to makes sure that everyone is fine and everything is in place.

I look upon her and wish to be like her. A very strong woman with lots of morals and values and with lots of positive energy that would make one feel energized for the entire day. Having a mom like her is a blessing and I wish I too could be like her one day and pass it onto my children the understanding of how valuable one could be in life.

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