Short Paragraph on Nutrition (365 Words)


Here is your short paragraph on Nutrition

We have often heard the word nutrition and getting nutritious food. But what is nutrition? Nutrition is basically the process of breaking down food and substances that has been taken in to release energy in the body.

Having a balanced diet and eating the right kind of food at the right proportions would help the body in obtaining the right kind of nutrients required.


A diet largely depends on what you eat and how you eat. Your body needs the right amount of energy to function properly and this energy is obtained from the food that you eat. Eating the right types of food would help your body in the future too.

Basically a food pyramid is what is being followed by most of the nutritionist and dietitians. The bottom of the food pyramid consists of cereals, breads, pasta, rice, etc.


Consuming in more amounts of whole grains is very healthy and contains more nutrients like the Vitamins, iron and fiber. In the next layer, the pyramid consists of fruits and vegetables. They have simple and complex carbohydrates and this is one among the main groups to be had. This group food contains nutrients like Vitamin C, calcium, potassium, fiber etc.

Next to this level is the level which contains diary and meat. Dairy products help in attaining nutrients like iron, calcium, vitamin D and meat products like fish, meat, nuts, soya are good sources of proteins. The last and least important in the food pyramid is sugar and fat and they have basically no nutrients but just adds calories.

For a healthy lifestyle, you need to pick the right type of food that provides you with the essential nutrients that you require. There are so many kinds of food out there that you may have to deliberately cut out of some to lead a safe and healthy life in the long run.

Keeping fit is not only in exercising, but also in having the right kinds of balanced food with the right nutrients proportionate for the body. While having the right kind of food, you even cut the chances of having high risk diseases that may get hold of you.

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