Best Way in Which I can Help My Fellow Students


Best Way in Which I can Help My Fellow Students!

The best way in which I can help my fellow students is guiding them during the time of distress. I don’t like the time of exams especially.

I think sometimes parent’s high expectation overburdens us. We surely have no way to skip the most vital phase of our life. So I prefer to face this stressful moments mutually.


I think the best way in which I can help my fellow students is arranging group study when preparing for the exam. Even it’s the most intelligent idea for maintaining motivation and overcoming the suffocating exam pressure. I feel it’s best that way as it works quite well for me. I feel it not only makes me more competitive this way, but also easier for me to find out the flaws and the things that need improvements. The idea here is to work on our flaws and trying improvisation without making the situation more complicated. Exam tensions can make us nervous. We may lose track of things and forget the lessons which we could remember easily.

Another way in which I can help my fellow students is by offering study references. I’m good with research. I’ve also a very good writing skill. I can guide my fellow students, who are weak in presentation of facts and preparing good assignments. I can help in preparing PowerPoint presentations and many more. Again, I believe in group work. So I can also help my fellow students in preparing group assignments. I can manage other’s work and help in building group coordination. So, I believe I can be of great help when it comes to sharing new ideas with a group, offering research assistance and be a good group motivator. I can help them overcome the moments of distress. Also, I can help them get what they need most – a good friend.

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