Gandhiji’s Views about Religion and Society


Gandhiji had a deep faith in religion. He had a great reverence for religions and faiths in his view, religion and politics are not two separate things and there can be no politics without religion.

Religion is the source of morality. It teaches us truth, non-violence, sympathy and renunciation.

Gandhiji did not like religious feuds. He devoted all his life to the cause of Hindu-Muslim unity. He was a worshipper of truth and non-violence.


For him everybody was equal in social field. Therefore, he strived hard to remove untouchability and discrimination between the black and the white people. He strongly opposed the government policy of discrimination against people of different colours.

He made efforts to eliminate social ills in India like untouchability and encourage widow marriage. He also tried to remove poverty and slavery because he considered these social evils as hindrances in the way to spiritual progress. Thus, religion pushed him towards politics. For him religion was a life breath.


He declared that he could live without water and air but not without the love of God. Religion did not mean to him the division of society into the Hindus, the Muslims or the Christians. His religion was a religion of humanity. In his view, religion changes the nature of man and teaches him the qualities of sympathy, renunciation and service.

It purifies his soul by teaching him non-violence and truth and creates an eternal tie between soul and God. Though he himself was a staunch Hindu, yet he had a great respect for other religions like Islam and Christianity.

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