Our National Animal – The Bald Eagle – by Shanu


The bald eagle is the national animal of United States of America. It was chosen as its national animal in the year 1972, by the United States.

The reason behind choosing an eagle as the national animal is its strength, majestic looks, long life, also it was believed by the people that the bird existed only on this continent.

On the backs of the dollar, the silver and gold coins also the half dollar you will see an eagle with its wings spread out wide.


The national animal symbolizes freedom. The bird has an unlimited freedom as he lives up high in the mountains and the middle of the nature. Some of the eagles become well known in the history of America.

What made it the National Animal?

The reason behind choosing an eagle as national animal is that it has full opportunity to have freedom; the noise of this bird is very intense and awakening. The loud voice of this bird awakes the other birds in the forest and come up together for the fight. It also offered freedom of thoughts to everyone. The bird symbolizes a great effort to be successful in all ways. Many of the states of United States of America have the eagle as a symbol on the seals.


It also was a subject to fierce fights by the top political leaders of the day. The founding fathers have made the right choice by making an eagle as the national animal. The intense power and proud freedom of this brilliant bird show the power and independence of the United States of America.

What does it signify?

Several countries shoot eagle, put them in the cages, and keep as pets. It is wrong to kill our national animal. To prevent such actions of the people, many Americans took actions to stop killing of their national animals. One must see to save such birds that are the national animals. It is urgent to check the species and number of the eagles in the country. The farmers and anglers killed a number of eagles to serve as food.

Preventing the killing of the national birds can help the extinction of the eagles. Unlike the other eagles, bald eagles are said to be stronger by their strengths, freedom, courage, no limit for their generations but due to certain mistakes, people from the other countries kill the bird. Previously the bald eagle was known only in the North America.

How Much Important it is?

If one permits the bald eagle to disappear, it will become a failure to be an independent citizen. Our national animal is crucial to stay independent, as it is a sign of independence to the country. One must protect the national animal to ensure the safety and independence of the country. The beauty of the land will spoil if there are no more eagles left n the country. They are necessary, and one must take action to save them. If not then one will not be free as before, there will be fights and disputes all over the nation.

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