Paragraph on a Scene Before the Examination Hall


The scene before the examination hall used to give me goosebumps. I was not typically a very sincere child.

I heard my mother had to literally struggle to send me to school every morning during the initial childhood days. It was hard for me as well.

I still can remember many children of my age used to take it so casually. And when it used to be the exam time, the scene before the examination hall seemed like a torturous moment to me. The anxious facial expressions of the parents, their serious talks with their boys and girls, and the gathering of too much crowd in front of the school gate were so furious.


I still remember one such scene before the examination hall. A child with her mother was sitting in front of the examination hall and waiting for the final hours. She seemed unusually nervous. The child was almost shaking and holding her mother’s hand tight. Her mother thought it was the normal anxiousness. So she continued to console her. After a few minutes, I heard a shout. As people were rushing before the examination hall, I followed them. I was struggling to make a space so I could see what was going on. I found that the child had fainted.

Very soon the scene before the examination hall turned into a shocking and stressful condition. Now I realize, the pressure of examination and high expectations of parents can become a huge liability and mental pressure for the children. Today I remember how that child couldn’t handle the stressful moment and had a nervous breakdown. I don’t like the fact that students of our country have to go through so many mental obligations at such an early age. Education is important, but, putting extreme mental burden is unacceptable.


Although I was never so ambitious about the educational accomplishments, the scene before the examination hall used to give me heart palpitations. Even though I never wanted to take examination times seriously, the extreme anxious and stuffy moment infront of the examination hall would make me nervous. I couldn’t sleep thinking about the fact that maybe my parents were also having some unsaid dreams for me in their mind. They never used to force me for anything. I was their only child and they never wanted to make my life strenuous. They gave me full freedom to pursue a career of my choice. However, I found out I got rid of the stressful scene before the examination hall gradually as I grew up.

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