Paragraph on an Ant’s Life – by Anand



The life of an ant is as challenging and tiring as any other species on the planet. The ant is a species which is found worldwide but is especially common in hot climates.

Their colour is usually red, brown, yellow or black. Basically, the ants live in nests which may be under the ground or the rocks, or built over the ground in the shape of towers.

Struggle To Build And Maintain A Home:

Ants live in a colony. In a colony, there are three classes of ants namely; queens, males and workers. The queen lays eggs and the workers work for the colony. The ants have to struggle to even stay alive. They have to build their own homes to stay safe from rain, wind and other parasites.


Inside these mounds, the ants build tunnels which connect to different rooms or chambers which are used for specific purposes like storing food, nursing places and resting rooms for the worker ants. To keep these rooms intact, the ants have to struggle a lot.

Daily Life:

The ant has a very tiring routine each day. They have to travel a long distance in search for food and then when they find food, they have to carry it back the same distance. They travel to about 200m from their nest everyday in search of food. Ants are known to carry about ten times their own weight.


The ants usually leave a scent behind for other ants to follow when they move out in search for food. The ants collect leaves which are brought back to their homes. The stalks are cut by the largest ants, the leaves are chewed by the smaller ants and the fungus is removed by the smallest ants.

Values That Ants Teach Us:

The ants might be one of the smallest species of life on the planet but they teach humans many values. The first value they teach us is that of endurance and struggle. They endure and struggle to keep their home intact and also have to travel great distances for food. They also teach us the value of communication.

Ants communicate with each other and they do the same effectively too. They communicate by touching each other with their antenna. Ants teach us the ideals of team work and group effort. They always move in great numbers and bring the food home together with collective effort.


Thus, an ant’s life is very challenging and dangerous. It might look exciting to a human being but the ants know the pain they undertake to keep their homes in place and to bring food to sustain themselves. They know the value of labour and we should learn from them.

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