Paragraph on Desert Life – by Jenny



On hearing the word Desert, dry barren land, which is totally isolated and too hot to be in, is what comes to our minds first.

However, that is not the complete or exact picture of a desert. Though deserts are barren lands where life is almost impossible, there are places where life does exist and is not that barren as it is anticipated.


What is a desert and life in a desert?

Desserts are usually formed when some parts of the land does not receive rainfalls, which leads the land to be very dry and hot and almost difficult for life to sustain. There are almost two kinds of desert: the hot deserts and the semi deserts. Hot deserts are mostly found near to the equators and they are very hot places. These deserts are usually full of sand, like the one that you see in Egypt. The other kind of desert which is the semi desert is mostly like a scrubland and is commonly seen in the western side. Usually a dessert gets formed when there is no adequate amount of rainfall on that particular area.


Life at the desert:

Though it is presumed that only some certain species like the Camel, lizard and snakes are found in the deserts, the actual vary. Apart from these animals, there are many others too that live in deserts like the scorpions, antelopes, boars, mule deer, peccaries, foxes and many more. These animals that one finds in the deserts, have adapted themselves to live in there and have learnt to conserve food, water and energy to survive in there.

Apart from the animals, there are also some plants that are seen to grow in the deserts, of which the Cactus is the most common one. The other often seen plant is the ocotillo, which even bear flowers in the deserts. Plants are so well adapted that they know when to blossom, store water and keep themselves safe from this harsh weather.

Journey through deserts:

Though much is heard and learnt about deserts, travelling through a desert is one difficult job. A lot of preparations needs to done, or else, surviving the heat and scarcity of water is totally questionable. Dehydration, sunstroke, and worst of all snake bites are the common disasters faced while travelling through deserts. One needs to be well equipped to face these situations, if one has to cross a desert during a journey.



Though deserts seems to be a lonely place, people now have started expedition down in these like desert safaris and more where large vehicles are used to drive in the great sand dunes and make a trip that is truly adventurous.

Though there are many places that have the deserts, one could get out from these barren, hot lands with proper planning and care and also understand on how to adapt oneself in such challenging situations.

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