My most favourite day in the year is the first day of April. Million people in this world traditionally celebrate it as April fool’s day.

They simply crack a joke or do a practical prank on some other without an age barrier factor. It is a particular day on which everybody has freedom to practice prank on other people without any hesitation.

You can tease you friend or elder people on this day. If the some has played a prank on you then, you consider as April fool person.

Some of the students do trick or prank on their teacher many children place stupid joke on their parents in this day. Everybody become mischievous on April fool’s day. It is necessary to know more about secrets of this day, why people are celebrating this day with so much of fun.


When it took place?

Many people of the opinion that April fool’s day first took place in Franc in 16th century. In France, children tape paper fish to their classmate or friends and the youngster plans prank for their targets, to which they wanted to prove as fool for the day.


Most of the experts who have done research on it says that it was first took place in grammar school. Many seniors celebrated the day targeting groups between 1st grade and 2nd grade customarily practicing the roll, but undisrupted jokes all the way through college and continued until the day. The amusing fun is an outstanding excuse to fool around it on people you may not like and be the same symbol you love just as well.

Another person can target anyone for the day that too without any responsibility for their own foolishness behaviour. People have their own plans and practices to enjoy the April fool’s day thoroughly.

Enjoy the day without harming anybody:

On this day, many practical jokes are being practice for good fun and not meant to harm anyone. One should not plan the prank that severely affects another person. The best jokes are the smart ones where everyone starts laughing, especially the person on whom you have made a joke, or you have practice the prank.

The April fool’s day is a day of celebration and not of revenge. One should always take care that your funny moment, or the good moments of others cannot be ruins by your own prank.

Search new practical jokes on the internet for the day:


As everybody knows that on April fool’s day everyone crack joke and plan prank, they become alert on this day. Therefore, for more fun you should use unique practical joke. You can easily find these jokes from the internet. Put food colouring in milk, Superglue coins to the sidewalk, point out in the sky something, walk with unknown couple, etc are well known practical jokes that people usually play on this day. Therefore, you also should sharpen you sense, somebody can target you for their prank.