Paragraph on Importance of Discipline – by Silki



Importance of discipline is a fairly popular subject. We’re taught about discipline and its benefits in our childhood.

I remember my parents used to say discipline is the root of success. It makes us punctual, teaches us to value time and life priorities.

Put simply, discipline makes us a better person and human being. Do you believe so? Before you can make a judgement about the importance of discipline, it’s important that you understand what is exactly discipline. To understand the importance of discipline, you’ve to understand its contributions and uses in our lives.

Discipline in Detail:


Discipline is actually a process through which you learn how to obey some rules and code of behaviors. Being a part of society, you must learn to respect the norms and rules of the society. If you’re not disciplined, you can’t teach others about what it is or how to become a disciplined person. Discipline helps build our character. It makes us strong. Even a warrior needs to be disciplined to win a war.

What is the importance of discipline? Why is discipline needed after all? Discipline helps us become methodical. Discipline is needed in every phase of life because it binds us within a limit, controls our actions and behavior. A society without discipline will become a victim of violence and crime. Discipline helps us understand the good and the bad. It reminds us the limit of our actions. It helps to maintain social peace. Our modern society with too much chaos, is the greatest example of indiscipline. An indisciplined person often indulges in harmful acts and becomes a threat to other people living in peace.

Importance of Discipline:


Discipline helps us become great leaders. There is nothing magical about it. Discipline is a simple process which helps a man learn to obey some simple rules, time management and be a rational person. When you value your time and use your time properly, you become a successful person. Discipline makes a person tolerant, intelligent and strong enough to handle tough situations and be obedient. Discipline helps a person learn the qualities of great leaders. When a person learns all the essential qualities of leaders, he/she becomes successful in his/her life. A society needs discipline to be able to maintain peace and order. Discipline helps us realize the importance of unity and teaches us how to live in a society in harmony. A disciplined person knows his/her limits and understands the importance of harmonization.


Importance of discipline can also be understood from the fact that it helps us live life with peace of mind. If you want a child to be disciplined, you’ve to become an example. You’ve to show others how a disciplined life has helped you become successful. It’s not a forceful process. It’s gradual instead. A teacher must teach his/her students about self discipline. The formative process of making a child disciplined should start from the school. A child can be taught about the importance of discipline early. As it’s a gradual process, it will take time. That is why, it’s better to start teaching about discipline early.

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