Paragraph on Integrity (410 Words)


Here is your short paragraph on Integrity !

The term integrity refers to an individual’s positive qualities and his/ her aspirations in life.

It includes the best traits such as trustworthiness, loyalty, honesty, fairness, uprightness, courage etc. to live up to his/ her words and promises irrespective of situations/ circumstances.


Integrity means wholeness. The foundation of integrity is laid down by a firm moral code of wrong and right to understand the environmental and psychological factors which an individual can tempt him/ her to stray from that code.

An individual having integrity can be truly trusted upon by the people he/ she come across. For instance, an employer wishes to hire an employee with integrity because integrity is the hallmark of an individual who demonstrates sound ethical and moral principles at workplace.


An employee having integrity live up to his/ her values in every relationship he come across like relationships with his/ her stakeholders, co workers as well as customers. Trust and honesty are central towards integrity.

The acts of truthfulness and honor are also basic tenets in an individual having integrity. Individuals who demonstrate integrity attracts others towards them as they are dependable and trustworthy. Such persons are highly principled & can be counted on to behave truly even when nobody is watching them.

Benefits of integrity:

· Helps you to excel at workplace by creating trust in others

· Extends your influence over others

· Gives you a lot of confidence


· Always protects you (irrespective of situations around you)

· Helps you to take better decisions ahead in life

· Gives you a lot of staying power

· Make you unique (to stand out of the crowd)


· Helps you to create a culture of trust wherever you go

· Helps you to act as if you have been watched

· Helps you to keep a check over consistency between your actions and values

· Makes you a reliable individual


· Helps you to take fair decisions in personal as well as professional life

· Helps you to live up to your commitments

· Helps you to perform high in many situations

· Creates a sense of accountability in you

Hence integrity plays a major role in keeping a check over whatever you do. It helps you to excel and develop cordial relationship wherever you go. Weather its personal life, professional life or business life integrity helps to take out the best individual within you.

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