Paragraph on Live View of a Cricket Match- by Anand



Viewing a cricket match live is always exciting and fun. It is the time when you get the see the players you always saw on television, in person.

You watch your favourite players playing in front of you.

I had the opportunity to watch a live cricket match between India and England in the Barabati Stadium at Cuttack. It was the third one-day international in the seven match ODI series.

Booking Tickets:


The day before the match, there was a huge crowd to book tickets for the various galleries in the stadium. I and my friends were a part of a queue which looked like a kilometer long. We booked the tickets after waiting for about two hours in the scorching heat. We came back home and anxiously waited for the next day.

Huge Crowd on Match Day:

When we reached the stadium on the next day we found the largest crowd we had ever seen in our lives. Everyone was so desperate to get in the stadium. There were separate queues for separate stadium entries. Police officials were present in a huge number and police vans stood in guard in case of any untoward incident. Metal detectors were in place for tighter security.

Watching the Players in Person:


When we were comfortably seated in our boundary line seats under the scorching sun, we saw the players enter the field. The whole stadium cheered and hooted. The uproar was very loud. The Indian team was loudly cheered and the names of the players were being chanted throughout the stadium. It was a huge moment for the fans. The stadium came alive from the time the players entered and started practicing.

Match Begins:

After the practice and toss, finally the match began with India batting first. The Indian players batted superbly scoring runs all over the park. On one occasion, the ball landed in the lap of the person sitting next to me. We sipped cold drinks and ate chips and watched the match with great excitement. There were some tensed moments in the match when everyone sat at the edge of their seats. The English players had the momentum of the game in their favor. But the Indians held their nerves and managed to pull put a win in the last few moments of the game. We all rejoiced and shouted with jubilation.

Fight in The Stands:

As soon as the match ended, we heard a huge spat between two groups of crowd in the stands. A fight had erupted. Bottles and food packets were being hurled at each other. Nobody knew why they were fighting in the first place. Finally, a group of policemen arrived at the scene and stopped the fight from growing into something dangerous.


The live view of the cricket match was an amazing experience for me as it had all the kind of entertainment. There was fun, excitement, anxiety, craziness and a little bit of drama in the end. All in all, it was a match worth watching.

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