Paragraph on My childhood Memories – by Supriya


I was born in the Ajmer district of Rajasthan where I passed my childhood. I treasure those memories a lot.

Many events & happening took place during that phase but I failed to remember all of them.

Most of these memories are associated with my parents, grandparents & friends. My dad was a railway employee. Ours was a middle class simple house.


Though I & my siblings were not fortunate to buy expensive toys & clothes but we were very happy in the midst of our small family. The eldest member of my family was my Grandmother. She loved me the most. It’s been 8 years I lost her. She was the biggest loss of my life. Even today I miss her so much. Today I am 40 years old. I am very lucky that my parents are alive.

During my childhood I used to play the whole day with my friends. We used to play in a ground which was located in front of my home. That ground had golden colored paddy fields. As a child I was very much attracted towards those fields. After reaching home from school I run to that ground to play games.


Till today I enjoy the beauty of nature. I still remembered the funny games that I used to play with my friends. In school also I used to participate in various sports competition. I had won many prizes too for the same. I was very competitive by nature. Even today I like to compete with my employees.

I can never forget those days. I still remember few names of my classmates. They were Kamlesh, Mizan, Rasel, Somir & Monir. I usually compete with these people because they were good in both studies as well as sports. I was good at studies but was a very notorious child of my school. I was always taken to the headmaster’s room to get scolded. The best part of my childhood was my market visit with my parents.

When I used to won prizes & score good results at school, my parents take me to the market where I was allowed to buy anything that I wish to buy. My childhood days were the best days of my life. And I am always grateful to GOD for making my childhood days, the most remarkable period of my life.

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