Paragraph on My Dream of Life – by Soumyajeet



Our dreams steer our lives and give us a meaning to live amidst hopelessness. A person without a dream is like a ship without radar.

Different people have different dreams in their lives. Some like to take medicine, some teaching while some intend to go for engineering.

Our dream in life speaks of our ambitions and often something which is not our parents’ aspirations. I, myself dream to join the Indian Army. It has fascinated me right from when I was a boy of five.

Why My Dream:


Whenever I see an army officer my heart becomes full of reverence and pride. His confident attitude assures our safety. When I was young I used to see a lot of films involving action, many of those being related to the army. Since then action and athletics became my passion. I have a very close account of what life in the army is about. My uncle is a senior Army Officer. He has made enough contributions towards motivating me.

The Army is such a department which needs one to be devoted and disciplined. There is no scope for any kind of casual attitude. It is also one of the best ways of serving the people. Moreover this profession is free of corruption too. The army, as on one hand is an integral part of the nation’s defensive forces, on the other hand, in times of natural calamities, it is indispensable in restoring peace.

My Preparations:


I know that to culture a dream as lofty as this, I need a lot of effort. So, I get up early and go for athletic coaching everyday with my mother. I also study hard to develop concentration and have joined the social service club of our society to develop a respect for the suffering and also an attitude of service. I try to obey all my elders’ decisions because in the Army, obedience is one of the foremost virtues.


In present times of terrorism and international disturbances I think I have taken a correct decision. Army is the need of the hour when terrorists have snatched the feeling of security from people’s minds. I would love to lead such an adventurous and tedious life. My parents have also consented and I’m quite confident that I will get selected one day, to the pride of my family. I am working hard to reach my goal. I hope the day is not far when I, dressed in camouflage, would be defending my dear country. Jai Hind!

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