Paragraph on My Elder Brother- by Jenny



Not many of us are blessed or lucky enough to have an elder brother who is always our pillar of strength and support.

However, I am very fortunate enough to have an elder brother to whom I could turn around for all my needs at any point of time.

A very strong and supportive person, yet very authoritative too, he is. I just love him, no matter what.

My Big B and me:


We are just two siblings and I am the youngest to my parents. Right from my childhood, my brother has always been my Hero and will always continue to be too. I have always looked upon him for all the things that I do. He is so organized, systematic and has great values and I learn all these values from him. Though many at times, we do fight and quarrel, he is the best. One minute we fight like cats and dogs and the next minute we are so much in reunion that I have seen my mom stare at us in surprise!!

We have had big and small fights. Sometime our fights just last for a few minutes, but at other times we literally fight very badly and may take some time to get reunited. Though he is good at all other things, he is very short-tempered and this leads to fights most of the time. But when he is in good mood, we do play a lot many games and he does makes for me so many small toys that I just love and treasure.


These were all that we used to do as kids. As we grew, our bonds got stronger and stronger, and today he is my best pal. A person, in whom I could confide anything that I want to, is my elder brother. Whenever I have a problem, it is my brother to whom I run first for help. He always has a solution to all my problems.

As time passes by, we have been distanced in our journey called life, in search of our life destinations. However, no matter where we are, we know that we are there for each other and distance have never been a boundary, when we need each other. He has always been by my side at every stage of my life and still continues to be.

No matter how old we may grow or how far we may be, he will always be my Big Brother and I would still remain as his one and only little sister. A brother is blessing which makes you sure that, all through your life, you have a strong shoulder to lean on and wide open arms with a tight hug to comfort you , through all your tested times. I love my brother and he is ‘The Best’, anybody could ever dream off.

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