Paragraph on My Hobby- Swimming – By Soumyajeet



Hobbies are man’s best friends. They come to us when we have either nothing to do or are tired from the day’s exhaustion.

Hobbies range from interest in stamps and coins to interest in music and performing arts and also physical activities. They are the most productive ways of spending quality leisure time.

They keep us involved and thus keep evil thoughts at bay- “An idle mind is Devil’s workshop”- goes the ancient saying.

My Hobby:


My hobbies include many- arts, dance, novels, soccer, etc. But my personal favourite is swimming. I love swimming more than anything else. I love it so much that I even plan to enroll for amateur tournaments. I have been swimming for ten years now. I still remember the day when I first went to the pool. I was against myself, I did not want to plunge into the devilish water, and the same waters have turned angelic now. My mother and father, regular members of the swimming club, forced me to water, without any floaters, and asked me to cycle. Frantically I spun my legs and after two days, to my surprise, I saw that I could float. I was so happy that day.

Then gradually, my parents coached me in all other forms of swimming- freestyle, butterfly, breast stroke, back stroke and diving. After I learnt swimming, I always wanted to be in the pool. What seemed difficult to my parents in the beginning was getting me into the pool and now what is difficult is getting me out.

How my Hobby Helps Me:


Swimming as a hobby is surely one of the best. It exercises our whole body. People who swim regularly need not fear cardiac disorders or diabetes or arthritis- all the diseases that have crippled mankind these days. For children who swim, it ensures that their limbs grow properly and they also gain height. It is such a proud feeling that I am the tallest in my class. I swim everyday for an hour in the morning.

In weekends I swim for two hours. Early in the morning, after my session of swimming, I can concentrate on even the toughest subjects. Swimming has won me various prizes and awards in local and state level tournaments. By God’s grace, it has improved my health too- I seldom fall ill these days.


For today’s generation of children who seem least interested in physical activity- swimming can be a welcome relief- it is generally liked by everyone once they defeat their fear of water and also gears all the organs. I intend to be a swimming coach when I grow up, in my free time.

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