A visit to a shopping mall is always exciting for someone who has resided in a rural area all his life.

I was always excited about tall buildings, shopping malls and big restaurants. I happen to have a chance to visit my aunt, who stays in the city.

I had already told her beforehand that the moment I reach, she would take me to a shopping mall to which she had readily agreed.

The Visit:

The shopping mall we went to was not far from her residence and was one of the biggest malls in the city. I was left with my jaw hanging when I looked at the enormity of the structure. It spanned the length equivalent to ten houses in my district. As we were nearing the entry, I felt a gush of cold air coming from inside. Not being very used to air-conditioning, it was a new experience for me. My aunt told me that she would buy new clothes and a bag for me. There was a huge crowd inside the mall and loud music played. At one particular corner, there was a music event in progress.

Shopping At the Mall:


We entered one of the stores inside the mall and I was astounded to find so many varieties of clothes at the same place. It looked so colourful from a distance. We went from one rack to another looking through t-shirts and jeans. My aunt bought me a pair of jeans and t-shirts. I had never seen the usage of an ATM card before.

Everything was a new experience for me and I was elated the entire time. We then visited a shoe store because even my aunt had to buy new shoes for herself. She couldn’t find her preference in that store. We then visited almost ten different stores. After getting the shoes we went to have lunch.

Lunch at Shopping Mall:


The eateries at the mall were all big and enticing. Food items ranging from burgers, sandwiches, pizzas to Indian, Chinese, continental, etc. were available. My aunt took me to a Chinese eatery where she ordered haka noodles and ginger chicken. It tasted delicious, better than any other fast food I had before. We then had ice-cream for dessert.


The visit to the shopping mall was a new and exciting experience for me. I saw many new things which I don’t usually get to see at my place. I was brimming with joy holding my new clothes and wearing new shoes. I expressed my desire of visiting the mall again to my aunt to which she smiled and agreed.