The forests are being indiscriminately cut by Man and today the movement is not only to save natural forests but also to create artificial ones.

Forests have become one of the most vulnerable resources on our planet.

One should not consider forests to be merely a source of wealth but they are also to be considered as valuable assets in relation to the geography and national economy. The forest cover on our planet is drastically reducing. It is high time to act.

Purposes of Forests:

Forests serve many purposes. They prevent or minimize soil erosion and hold the soil together. They replenish the oxygen in the air and the sea plankton. Plants and trees absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen during photosynthesis and thus rejuvenate the air of oxygen. If these forests are destroyed indiscriminately, the sun’s rays will become hotter, there will be an unhealthy increase in carbon dioxide levels, the polar caps will melt and the ocean levels will rise and submerge much of our land.


The forests influence climate, increase the fertility of the soil. Forests also provide shelter for animals and birds. Much of the wildlife has vanished from the face of the earth because of the destruction of forest cover.

Industrial Uses of Forests:

Industries like matches, rayon, paper, rayon, insulation boards and wood-panel products are dependent on forests. Studies suggest that Indian forests yield 2,500 species of wood, about 18% of which are commercially important. Forests are also a source of medicinal herbs and essential oil. Valuable drugs like chloroform and sulphonamide are produced from the lignin and cellulose found in wood. Spruce and fir are used for making airplane and glider parts. Ash and mulberry woods are used for making many sports goods.

Protecting Our Forests:


All over the world, the Governments of different countries have taken steps to conserve forests. Some countries are employing thousands of men to dig lakes, plant trees and build forest cover to save the forest cover of our planet. Presently, the movement is not only to save the existing forests but to create artificial ones. A classic example of a country where a desert has been converted into a garden is Israel. The triumph of this experiment demonstrates that land can be reclaimed and thus boost the food supply of the world. Awareness is being created to reduce the felling of trees and deforestation.


Thus, forests are the green cover on our planet. They are a storable, renewable and natural resource. It keeps us alive and that is a major reason why we should not destroy forests. Forests influence the earth’s cycles of sulphur and nitrogen; they affect regional and local supplies of water; they change the colour of the earth and therefore its temperature and reflectivity; they are also home to million species of flora and fauna. Thus, it is the responsibility of the people to act as responsible citizens and prevent the forests from being cut down for commercial purposes. It is time to save our forests.