Paragraph on Scholarship Distribution Celebration in School – by Anand



Scholarship distribution in school is one of my most fond memories. It was a time of joy and jubilation for a few of us who had received scholarships in the form of a cash amount and a free course at a computer centre.

It was one of the best days of our lives and I was especially excited as my birthday was on the following day and this came as a pre-birthday gift.

Scholarship Eligibility:

Each academic year in our school, scholarships were granted to various students for different achievements. There were scholarships which were granted for excellent performance in academics and securing above ninety percentile in the exams. Then, there were scholarships which were granted for brilliant performances in sports and other co-curricular and extra-curricular activities. I received the scholarship for being the topper of the batch in that academic year.

Scholarship Day:


Our school hosts a scholarship day which is a kind of function in our school. It usually happens on a Saturday. On that particular day, the students receiving scholarships are asked to come in their best attire. The school hall is nicely decorated and all the parents of the students are invited on that day. The scholarship holders are to be seated in the second row before the teachers and the principal. Sitting in the nicely decorated hall is a wonderful feeling.

The function begins with a welcome address by the principal followed by a few talk sessions of the teachers. In the meanwhile, snacks and drinks were served to the crowd. Then the scholarships are distributed amongst the students. Each one of us is supposed to go to the stage and receive the scholarship and a certificate from the principal. The school photographer would click a photo of each one of us.

Dinner and Celebration:


After the scholarship distribution, a grand dinner awaited us. The food was delicious and everyone just started gulping down food. I and my parents also had food and then we went and talked to my class teacher. She was very happy with my performance and told my parents that she was proud of me. My parents were very happy. After the dinner, everyone gathered in the hallway for a photo session. Everyone clicked pictures of themselves with their friends and families on that day. It was a memorable occasion. Even the principal and the teachers joined us in the photography session and I saw a jovial side of our principal on that particular day. There was also a photo clicked of especially all the scholarship holders together.


The scholarship distribution celebration in our school was a great success and a memorable day in all our lives. My parents were very proud of me and it was indeed a rewarding moment for me. The food was delicious and so were all the other arrangements. I got an opportunity to click pictures with my principal and my teachers and capture all those nice moments forever. It was indeed an unforgettable and the most happening day of my life.

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