India is one among the largest milk producing countries and this great and phenomenal increased production of milk is also known as The White revolution.

The White revolution was followed after the much successful Green Revolution which was the increased production of wheat and rice that helped to increase the income for farmers across the country.

Significance of White Revolution:


With the introduction of the White Revolution, a significant growth was observed in the living standards of people in the rural area and also an increase in their economy was observed. Many of the villages in India experienced prosperity with the onset of The White revolution. Many corporates that to set up this Revolution, in fact helped to change the face of many rural areas in India.

There were great innovative steps and strategies that were adopted by the dairy co-operative and under the leadership of Dr.Kurien, an estimated level of 710 lakh tones of milk was produced in 1997-98. This project had more than 73,000 diary co-operatives, which covered more than 3 crore farmers across the country.


The introduction of The White Revolution lead to many job opportunities thereby leading to good income and this program was launched by the Government of India in 1998 to help many farmers across the country. With more and more people from the rural areas turning to dairy products as a supplement source of income, the milk production is sure to have an increase in growth over the coming years and in due course of time, India would be the largest producer of milk, a position that is engaged by the United States today.

However, there are certain drawbacks with the project too. Though India would be producing great amount of milk, we need people to buy the product and since India has many people below the poverty line, purchase of milk is not that easy. This would lead to a stage where India would have to export milk, which was practically difficult as we needed to reach the standards of the United States in this factor. Therefore, though the White revolution had benefited the rural population in terms of income, there were lots that needed to be done to enhance the economy.

White Revolution Today:

The White revolution being very successful, has led opportunities to more than 13.4 million people, of which 3.4 million are women. This has also helped women to empower themselves. Around 177 milk unions are present today covering in about 346 districts making India the largest milk producing country.

A huge transformation from the time of independence to today as India was then dependent on foreign countries for milk and now she is the largest provider of milk with great powers and has milk in abundance both for her people and people across the globe. It was all the effort and dream of the great man named Dr.Verghese Kurien who bought this revolution into reality that we are proud off today.

Today India exports milk to foreign countries and supermarkets across the globe.