My aim in my life is to give a new face to the education system by using modern technology.

The modern methods of education will make it easy for children to learn about a particular topic very easily.

Learning process or teaching process, not only affect the student, but also the teachers. Therefore, before we look forward to using modern methods of teaching it is important that trainer, teacher or tutor should ready to learn these techniques first. They should be innovative in making use of electronic devices or other smart technology tools to teach their learner easily.

Why it is so much significant to use modern techniques of teaching?


The introduction of new methods of teaching doesn’t mean that traditional ones are wrong. The new methods of teaching are complemented the more traditional ones. Earlier, students were not given an opportunity to connect themselves with classroom activities. To increase the level of interaction of the student on the every subject and for the other benefits it becomes necessary for the teacher to opt for new techniques of teaching.

These new methods include demonstration, memorization, class participation, recitation, or the combination of all these. The tutor can choose any method depending on the skill or information, or it may be influenced by the enthusiasm and aptitude of the students.


In demonstration method, the teacher tries to explain about a particular topic with the help of experiments. Collaboration allows the students to participate in the learning process via group discussion. The method will allow them to get an idea about the point view of the other students on the same topic.

Apart from all these, learning by teaching is the most-common method used by teachers. In this method, the tutor makes the student play the role of teacher and teach a particular topic to other students. Through this process, the student will learn that topic very quickly, as before teaching that topic to another they have to gain full knowledge about that subject so as to teach it properly.

Why to stick to traditional methods of teaching?

As mentioned above, the traditional methods are not bad, it’s just to make something better you need to modify it. The modification of the traditional methods means an introduction of modern methods of teaching. The traditional methods are base for learning while, modern methods can help the teachers to construct a strong building of knowledge for their students.

If you have not opted for modern technique of teaching, then there will be a lack of communication, self-confidence in the students. The new methods will allow your children to learn some topics while playing as these techniques work on the state of ‘learning by playing.’ Due to this reason, it is necessary to use modern techniques of education.

It is easy to teach difficult topics with new techniques:


In addition to modern methods, a tutor can make use of the new tools and devices to teach a particular tough topic to their students. They may use a big screen to show the picture related to that topic, and much more methods to make the learning process easy for the students.