Paragraph on Your Favorite Time with Your Family – by Shanu


Which is your favourite time with your family? Let us accept it; there is no easy answer to this question.

We all have had an amazing moment with our family, and every day becomes special when you are with your family.

However, let us accept it we all have that one special and favourite moment that we have spent with our family, and we just cannot get over it. My favourite time was my sister’s wedding.



All my family members were at my place. Everybody from all the places around the world had come to my sister is wedding to make it more special. There were around 50 people in my house, and it was chaotic but was a fun experience. Everybody was happy they were all allotted with the work they had to do. All of them were happy and enjoyed each moment of the wedding. It was a very important day for my parents and my sister. It was one of the most amazing times I had in my life. Each single moment was fun. All my family members were busy all the time, and nobody had any time to be sad or upset even for a minute.


The whole time everybody was so busy, but there was a not a moment that was easy and ideal for anyone. Even though, I was not given the bigger responsibilities I had one of the easiest jobs of taking care that everybody has their meal on time without fail. After all the chaos, my sister got married. Slowly everybody started leaving the place and leaving home. And we were all left alone, me and my parents we were the only people left in the house.


After all this was done, we realized that everything was over, and everybody was gone back home. It was one of the difficult times for all of us. As my sister was one reason, I used to love coming home. It became dull for me to stay at home. But I was thinking about my parents especially my mom who was the one who used to be with my sister most of the time. She was the one who had spent most of the time with my sister.

As my mom is a homemaker and my sister was not the type to go out and party, she used to be mostly with mom at home enjoying special time with her. Your favourite time with your family could be the dinnertime, but for my sister and me it was every single moment that was spent together.


One day my parents and me sat together and were having breakfast we realized that even though our sister was not staying with us she can come and see us whenever she wants, and she did. One day she came and gave us a surprise when we were having breakfast. She joined us, and we had the best time of our life.

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