An adventurous trip is always exciting for a person who loves to travel. I have always been fond of travelling and so have my parents.

During my vacations and when my parents get free from their busy work schedule, we travel places filled with adventure, excitement and fun. On my last winter vacations, we decided to go for trekking at a hill station.

The Plan for the Trip:

The very idea of trekking got me so excited that I could barely sleep well for days. Before this, I had only gathered information about trekking from books and movies. I was previously warned by my father that trekking is very dangerous and despite precautions, there have been cases of accidents. He advised me to not climb too high and stay at a safe height. We arranged our bags, tents and food and set out for the place.

The Trekking:

We reached the place early in the morning and it was a bit foggy. We saw a few other groups had also turned up for trekking. After setting up our tents and unloading our bags, we put on all the safety gear which is mandatory for all trekkers. My father while putting me into the gear told me to not be scared and enjoy the experience. We took our first steps and it was very exciting.


The slope was not too steep and hence we did not have to put in much effort. My father was ahead of me and my brother behind me. While moving up by digging the mountain, I saw a child of my age at some distance also climbing. It took us almost 3 hours to reach the top of the hill where there was a small dhaba.

The Lunch:

The dhaba was a welcome sight as we were tired and hungry from the trekking. We sat down on the plastic chairs and ordered a huge quantity of food and lassi. The waiter gave a surprised look when he was writing our order. We ate to our heart’s content, rested for some time and enjoyed the view from the top of the hill. It looked so beautiful and serene. Then we started with our descent from the top.


The descent was a bit dangerous as the slopes were a bit slippery from the fog. My father was right in front of me to ensure that no mishap took place. We reached down safely in a matter of hours.


The trip gifted us with a lot of adventure, fun-filled danger and excitement. I would love to go trekking again with my father and enjoy the experience again. For adventurous people, trekking is a great activity.