Short Paragraph on City Life


City life – is it better? Or you think your life would have been little different if you were residing in a suburb area.

If you ask me, I vote for city life. I’m not quite made for a slow village life. I feel quite attracted to a city life considering the educational and many important opportunities it has to offer.

Education has been the first priority of my life. And I think a city life can offer a great support in terms of offering a vast choice of good institutions that one may like to choose for the higher studies.


I like city life because of the diversity of things you can do. For example, job opportunities are better in the cities. So, if you’re a city dweller, you don’t have to leave your home in the search of better work opportunities. You’ll be able to earn the livelihood and be by the side of your family simultaneously. This was probably the biggest reason I never could go against the city life.

The third reason I like city life because it offers hundreds of other recreational opportunities. I’m especially a fun loving person and never like to sit at home in the weekends. City life is always very happening and great fun. You can go to a water park, enjoy fun rides with your family, have a great time with your friends in a restaurant.


Yes, sometimes the busy city life gets a bit strenuous. But when I need a change, I take a short two day off for a nice refreshment. City life is much better because it’s free from the conservative mentality of the villages. The busy city life doesn’t permit time for unproductive things which can make the life of person complicated. As city dwellers get exposure to tons of possible career opportunities, most people can plan their career wisely.

Fierce competition of city life makes people competitive and smart. This is what actually the modern world needs. Our world doesn’t need orthodox rituals or superstitious belief. The city life teaches us to how to fight with the oddities and become a winner.

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