Short Paragraph on Sources of Water


Sources of water should be carefully preserved considering the fact that water is an extremely important element without which we can’t survive.

Apart from the humans, animals and plants also need fresh water to live. In India, what are the common sources of water that people prefer for the daily use?

In any country, rivers, lakes and ponds are considered the most suitable sources of water. Sometimes some countries, which don’t have sources of water as we mentioned above, may have to depend on the sea water.


However, we must remember that rain is the main source of water. Rain water fills in the rivers, lakes and ponds. A little bit of rain water also seeps into the ground, which is why we also get some amount of ground water in the cities. We use hand pumps and water motors to pull out the ground water and store it in the reservoirs for daily use.

Villages have wells as one of the biggest sources of water. These wells are made to preserve and use the soft and sweet ground water. However, sometimes ground water may also require treatment if the water contains a high level of arsenic.


As the rain water stored in the ground is considered one of the purest sources of water, we must try to preserve it. How can you save the rain water? You can preserve the rainwater in a bucket or a tank to use it for miscellaneous works later. Pond water is not safe for drinking. Villagers often clean clothes, utensils and even their cattle in the pond water which contaminate it.

Hilly areas of India also have the streams as one of the main sources of water. Again, this water is also very clean and germ free because it’s always flowing. So, these were the biggest sources of water. However, it’s always recommendable not to drink water direct from any of these sources as there will always be chances of infection.

Manufacturing plants often release harmful wastes or by-products in the rivers. So, even the sweet river water is also not safe for normal drinking. If our country becomes a bit more serious about rainwater harvesting, many problems relating to sources of water in the country can be resolved.

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