Short Paragraph on Television


The last century has given many wonderful inventions. TELEVISION is one of them. With the passage of time since its invention the television has become a powerful media of mass communication and entertainment.

The day today incidents taking place all over the globe can be seen sitting room.

The sophisticated multi channel colored Television is the outcome of modern technology Television is the last word in entertainment and enlightenment Satellites has given the Television a bigger broad shape. Television has made the world smaller .


Television technology can be used for our benefits. Television plays a vital role in education. Children learn quickly through visually appealing objects. By that I mean they learn quickly through pictures, live videos and images. We can’t always make videos on our own. Time always doesn’t permit that.

Television can be of great use from that sense. Channels like Discovery and National Geographic are excellent. You can encourage your child to watch these channels from the beginning. Make it a habit. Many other broadcasts come up with mind blowing educational programs, especially made for children. They are interesting even for the adults. Creative minds always appreciate motivational things. It presents scientific experiments and surgical operations through life telecast.


Television can be a great source of learning for the children. You just need to how to best use it for your benefits. There are some extremely important aspects of life about which children need to be told. If you’re not comfortable explaining those to them, use television for this. Television teaches through entertainments’. Television helps in acquiring knowledge and also help in creating national awareness.

On the contrary, a television can also become a major addiction. While doing good service Television is also detrimental through its telecast of violent and uncensored scenes of the cinema. Improper serials sending wrong message which are devoid of realities of life. Be aware of that. Never allow children to be too addicted to Cartoons. Although they are good occasionally, don’t encourage it too much because children sometimes get too adamant and ignore education. So, too much of television is not good.

Another downside of television is detachment. Television addiction can be so worse that it can disconnect you from your family. You may start ignoring sharing a good time with your partner. Even it can make you physically unfit. So, it’s totally up to you how you use this electronic media for your advantage. Make television a tool of education, knowledge and entertainment and not addiction, of course.

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