Here is your paragraph on My Passion!

We often hear the word Passion, but have never thought or tried to understand in depth about it. We all have an inner liking to certain kind of art or act, that really drives us crazy and we love doing it. We never get tired or bored while being in such kind of act.

Passion is a deep liking to something that you are really interested in.

Understanding or finding one`s passion is a long journey. Once you find out, then you need to nurture it. Every one of us have a passion, you could either get it mastered or leave it just like that. To get it mastered, it takes lot of dedication, hard work and patience. You could cultivate your passion into a profession and earn money from it. When you do something that you love, you would never get tired of sharpening your skills and getting the best out of you and for others.


My passion is painting. I love painting and it gives me so much pleasure when I am with my paints and brushes. It gives color and life to many pictures around you. Paintings are of different types. There are pencil sketches, oil paintings, glass paintings, fabric paintings and the list just goes on. Be it what kind of painting that you choose to master, painting is a wonderful art and just could not be explained about the satisfaction that you get when you complete a picture.

Hours could be spend while drawing a picture, yet we might not know it, if we are really interested into it. Beautiful pictures with little colors or from a single color could be drawn and bring life to pictures that seem lifeless. If you really have a passion towards painting and drawing, you could just create wonders.


Painting and drawing is an art and I have developed it over the years by attending various drawing and painting classes and participating in competitions.

I have participated in various levels of competitions and have also won prizes, which has increased my level of confidence and liking. I would love to draw more pictures and one day I would love to conduct my own exhibition of my drawings.