Short Paragraph on Patriotism (420 Words)


Here is your short paragraph on Patriotism !

Patriotism means genuine love towards your own country/ motherland. It does not mean hatred towards other countries as well.

It is said that even if a mother loose her love towards her child a child should not lose his/ her honor towards her.


Likewise we must respect our country no matter what the circumstances are. We all are indebted towards our country because it is where we are born & brought up. Every individual has a different way to express his/ her feeling of patriotism towards his/ her country.

A true patriot tries to contribute his best for the growth and development of his country. For instance, a social reformer is said to be a patriot in the real sense.


In the history many heroes has scarified their lives in the name of patriotism. Some of the names include Tipu Sultan, Alluri Seerharama Raju, Rana Pratap and Bhagat Singh. Sacrificing your life in the name of patriotism is a great honor. That is why these heroes are still remembered & respected today. Today we should be proud of your soldiers who are fighting on the borders to help their countrymen.

Many inspiring songs have been written in the name of patriotism. Some of these songs are “Jana gana man” by Rabindranath Tagore, “Vande mataram” by Bankinchandra & “Saare Jahan se accha” by Iqbal. Some patriotic songs are also written by Subramanya Bharati in Tamil language. Similarly Rayaprolu Subba Rao has beautifully sung “Whichever country you go to….. In politics patriotism is said to be a kind of faith like one has in his/ her religion. Patriotism is a major force that unites various states together. True patriots consider patriotism as their only religion.

However in the history many wars were held in the name of patriotism such as the 1st & the 2nd World Wars. One such recent example is the Indo-China & Indo-Pakistan wars. But still many hopes are pinned up to unite these countries.

Technology & science have made communication & travel easy. World has now became a global village. Everybody wants peace not wars. Carrying respect and patriotic spirits in your hearts for your country is not bad but you should display your feelings in a correct manner. Remember there would be no peaceful world until or unless you manage to keep your patriotic spirit aside. Each one of us has to love not only what belongs to us but we should also love what belongs to other human race.

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