Short Paragraph on My Native Place


Here is your short paragraph on My Native Place!

Though most of us live in cities today, we all have come from different places that we belong to or known as our native places.

These are actual places or the places that our parents and forefathers have been, but for various reasons, we have migrated from there are settled down in larger cities


My native place is Anjilithanam in Kerala. It is a village area and we have been there several times. Most of the people live there, either through agricultural income or through small scale business income. My father relocated from there when he got a job opportunity abroad and then we happened to settle in the city where we are now. This village has so many beautiful places and is very quiet and calm. There are many small streams that flow and we have many times walked through these small streams to get to places.

Since it does not have lots of traffic like cities, the air is pure and fresh and we had so much place to play around. During vacations, my cousins used to come down at our home and we all used to have lots of fun, by playing around.


Since we have the well over there, the water that we had also was very pure and not contaminated. My mother used to have a small cultivation area where she used to cultivate so many different kinds of vegetables and fruits and we were having more of healthy and natural food, when compared to what we get in cities. The neighbors were also were nice and we all knew one another and lived almost like a family there.

Sometimes, when I sit in this maddening crowd, I recall back those nice days where there was lot of fun, creativity and fresh air that we could enjoy. Good food, healthy environment and happy surrounding was what my native place offered me, when compared to the fast moving and competitive lifestyle in the cities. I look forward to see myself to get back to my native place, which I think would be possible now only in my dreams.

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