The Significance of Counter Urbanization in the Improvement of Metropolitan Cities in India


The Significance of Counter Urbanization in the Improvement of Metropolitan Cities in India!

Counter urbanization or reverse migration is a demographic and social process where people move from large urban areas to the periphery or rural areas.

Counter urbanization occurs when some large cities reach a point where they stop growing further or actually begin to decrease in size as their population started moving into suburban areas or smaller cities thereby leapfrogging the rural-urban fringe.


It happen due to increased car ownership, development of Mass Rapid Transport that KUs increased people’s mobility, better transport network which allow people to commute daily and innovation in communication technology which allow people to work from home.

Counter urbanization will definitely reduce pressure on the metropolitan cities and have the effect of improving basic amenities like drinking water supply, sewage facilities, continuous supply of electricity, education facilities, reducing pollution and congestion etc as people move out due to following


i. Increase in car ownership enabling their movement, growth in information technology (E-mail, faxes and video conferencing) meaning more people can work from home.

ii. Urban areas are becoming increasing unpleasant place to live. This is the result of urban pollution, crime and traffic congestion, soaring housing prize, rises in rents.

iii. New business parks on the edge of cities (on Greenfield sites) mean people no longer have to travel to the city centre. People now prefer to live on the outskirts of the city to be near where they work.

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