Short Paragraph on Water Cycle


Here is your short paragraph on Water Cycle !

The water cycle is also known as the hydrologic cycle which is a continuous cycle where water evaporates, travels into the air to form clouds, gets precipitated and then falls down as rain back on earth.

The water cycle is a process where first the water moves from one reservoir to another like from a river to the sea and then to the ocean.


The entire process of water cycle takes place in almost five steps which includes the evaporation, condensation, precipitation, infiltration, and runoff.

To begin with, water gets evaporated from the water bodies on the surface of earth like rivers, oceans etc. into the overlying atmosphere. Here during this process, energy consumption takes as water is being taken from the environment and hence the environment is being cooled.


From the evaporation phase, the water then gets to the condensation phase where the evaporated water is being cooled and when in contact with a surface gets liquefied. In the water cycle, the water that is being in vapor form condenses to form clouds in the air. Here, during the process, it releases the energy and warms the environment.

After the condensation phase, the precipitation follows where, the atmosphere becomes saturated with water vapour, thereby resulting in water falling in the form of rain or snow, thereby depositing fresh water to land.

Once the fresh water hits the land, then the infiltration process takes place where the water penetrates into the soil. Once the infiltration is done and soil does not have any more capacity to take up water, then the run off takes place and water flows back to the water bodies.

This is a constant process and work like a cycle and therefore called as the water cycle. Water cycle is very much essential for the climatic condition and for rainfalls to happen for the crops to grow well and so on. A chain reaction is followed from the water cycle, which does have great impact on the nature.

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