Paragraph on Animal Our Best Friends


Here is your short paragraph on Animal Our Best Friends !

We have evolved from animals and since then, we humans do have a connection with them. Animals have been man`s best pals and they would understand you so well that you won`t even have to say what you want or feel. It is said very often that a Dog is a man`s best friend.

The relation that you develop with an animal is lifelong and rigid unlike of that what you build up with man.


Those having pets would be able to explain better the relation they hold with these animals. Animals respond back with all their love and affection and would make sure that no harm reaches us. Whether it is birds or animals, pets have a special bonding with their masters.

Apart from the bonding they also provide great services to their masters. Like for example, cats and dogs are the most common pets found. Cat’s help in keeping the house clean by killing rodents and insects and dogs safeguard the house and keep strangers away. The sensitivity to smell for dogs has been the greatest tool used to hunt down any kind of criminal act for humans. Apart from them, even birds form a great company. Parrots are wonderful pets and they talk so much that it is real fun to be with them. They also inform the owner when strangers are around.


Apart from cats and dogs, horses, elephants, donkeys, camels are all tamed and used by man for his useful needs. These animals help man in several ways and have been of help to man for several decades. Animals also rescue men from danger. There have been instincts where dogs have saved small kids or old men from dangerous situations like drowning or when in an accident.

The help that these animals give could not be measured in any means and animals and man do share a special kind of bonding. Rather than seeing the commercial side with animals, if man tries to be more compassionate with them, they would do anything for him and maintain an everlasting relationship.

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