Short Paragraph on Indigenous Practices of the Warli Tribe | India


Here is your short paragraph on indigenous practices of the Warli Tribe.

The people of the Warli tribe live in Maharashtra, just a little less than 100 km from Mumbai.

The Warli ‘s maintain a harmonious relationship with nature, and consider nature as their mother, since nature is provider of all their needs. They take from nature only what they need and respect all forms of life.


i. Warlis believe that land is common property and its benefits should be shared equally.

ii. They do not overexploit land, but always give it rest to rejuvenate.


iii. They practice organic farming. They use the multi-cropping system and mixed farming and plant many traditional varieties of crops which are best suited for the short monsoons. They have perfect understanding of nature and environment.

iv. They act as caretakers to the forest. Trees are never cut. Only twigs and fallen branches are collected for use.

v. Since they live on the fringes of the forest, they have learnt of invaluable and indigenous medical herbs and medical practices, which have healed them over generations.

vi. Since Warlis do not believe in private ownership, they have very few possessions and live in joint families.

However, displacement due to development, as well as forest policies, has put Worlis to a lot of trouble. If, for some reasons, they are forced to leave the forests, all their indigenous knowledge would get lost to the world.

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