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Forests of India: Paragraph on Conservation of Forest in India

Here is your paragraph on the forest conservation in India! Forests comprise a unique gift of nature to man and constitute one of the prized assets of a nation. They play a significant role in the national economy of a primarily agricultural and developing country like India. The agricultural and industrial progress of the country […]

Short Paragraph on Indigenous Practices of the Warli Tribe | India

Here is your short paragraph on indigenous practices of the Warli Tribe. The people of the Warli tribe live in Maharashtra, just a little less than 100 km from Mumbai. The Warli ‘s maintain a harmonious relationship with nature, and consider nature as their mother, since nature is provider of all their needs. They take […]

Short Paragraph on Forest Conservation in India

Here is your short paragraph on forest conservation. For land to be used optimally, forest conservation is necessary. Construction, furniture, paper and tanning are just some of the industrial requirements that forests fulfil. If forests are not protected, it will lead to erosion of precious soil. While this will remove the fertile upper layer of […]

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