Short Paragraph on School of My Dreams!

For students like us, schools are our second home. We spend majority of our time in schools and the school plays a very important role in molding and shaping every student for a better future both academically and personally.

Schools are a very important part in every student’s life and hence we all should be having good schools for a better society tomorrow.

My idea of a good school would start by having good teachers. Teachers are the guiding lights for students and teachers who have the passion and interest would definitely help in getting their students too interested in the subject that they teach and would find the potential of the student and get him or her to the best.


A good teacher would be a very good friend too for the students. Next would be to change the regular four wall classroom kind of teaching method. Students need to explore, their quest for knowledge needs to be satisfied.

For that a wonderful combination of outdoor and indoor classroom sections would help them concentrate more and make them feel more active, rather than confining all the time spent in school within the four walls of a classroom.


My dream school should have their syllabus modulated in such a manner that it should be interactive and have a perfect blend of theory and practical oriented classes. Visualizing helps in better understanding and therefore the methodology should also change from textbook to Tabs and Hi-tech gadgets for easy studies and understanding. Every student should be allotted tabs, so that the heavy bag or sack system would be avoided and all notes and lecture classes could be stored in Tabs.

Good canteen facility with healthy food is a must as students get deprived when spending long hours in school. To refresh themselves, these canteens would be useful. A good library, combination of arts and craft that would help to develop the inner talents of students, better sports facilities which would bring out the great athletes in students, a good counseling center for students to open up all necessary. Foreign exchange programs should be introduced for all students alike, so that they satisfy curiosities and instill intercultural awareness.

Though schools are the best thing happened to mankind, there is room for more improvements for better and interactive education.