Here is your short paragraph on my school for kids:

Choosing a school is a tough task these days. With the tough competitions going around and with the number of schools coming up daily with great facilities, one needs to choose the best for their kids.

Almost all schools offer their best to the students who take admissions from them.

Schools offer the best quality services for the students. With highly qualified teachers, and other non-teaching staff, the schools these days equip children for a better tomorrow in all aspects.


The syllabus for schools these days have been formulated in such a manner that not only academics, but also various other kinds of activities are given due importance. Sports, Arts, craft, co-circular activities, cultural activities and the list go on. With competitions at school and inter-school levels, children get better exposure to their talents.

Academics have also been formulated in such a manner that, more of creative thinking and video viewing has been incorporated so that children understand better. Schools these days have lots of facilities for the students and staff.


Good classroom facilities with latest modern technologies fittings, so that’ students would feel comfortable during class hours, good canteen options with good food served, so that students who require canteen services could choose and on special days, school themselves offer food from these canteens, good playground facilities for almost all kinds of outdoor games, so that students enjoy themselves and get trained for these games.

There is good toiletry facility that is kept clean and tidy. Lab and clinic facilities are being provided for students and staff so that in case on any immediate emergency, the clinic could provide immediate first-aid. Labs are also fully equipped with modern technologies and latest facilities, so that students learn and understand their subjects in depth.

On the whole, every school has developed in their own style that marks themselves apart from the others. With better facilities and teaching in schools, the schools have a tough competition among themselves, which is looked upon in healthy manner.

Since more and more facilities are being provided in the schools, students and teachers are also happy and they see to it that they also get their 100% results to the institution they are in.