Short Paragraph on My Step-mother


Here is your short paragraph on My step-mother!

Mothers are blessings from God and some of us are fortunate to have our own mothers for our lifetime, while others are less fortunate and may have step-mothers who come in.

In some cases, step mothers may be harsh and cruel and may not consider us as their own kids, while others are so gentle and nice and would be loving and caring as our own mother.


I was unfortunate to lose my mother when I was a kid. After much persuasion, my father married once again and I happened to get a step mother. I have heard before that step mothers are very cruel and harsh, and so I was scared. But my step mother was very nice at heart. She loved me like her own kid and took good care of me. She did all that my mother used to do for me.

In the mornings, she used to bathe me, feed me good food, get me dressed for school and would drop me at school. After school hours, she would come to pick me and we would just have a round around before going home. Once I reach home, she bathes me, gets me snacks and helps me with my studies and projects and other school works. She also plays with me and makes sure that I learn some activity. During free hours, she reads for me story books and plays with me.


I have never felt like she is my step-mother. She takes good care of me and makes sure that all my needs are looked after without any troubles. This makes my dad also happy. We spent time together as a family and there would be lots of fun and entertainment during those times. We go for outings and picnics and she makes very nice food for those trips.

Though I miss my mother, I love my step mother so much and she just loves me like how my mother would have loved me. She is a mother and not a step mother for me. My good friend, companion, guide, teacher and above all my mother is what my step mom is for me and I love her very much.

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