Paragraph on Abandoning Your Mother Tongue


Abandoning your mother tongue – how reasonable is that? For some reasons, I can’t accept the fact that you’ve to abandon your mother tongue forever.

India is a multicultural country where people speak more than 700 languages. Everyone has his/her own mother tongue or territorial language.

We should never disrespect this fact. There are many people who learn and speak more than seven languages alone. Indians should be treated and respected irrespective of their mother tongue. There is nothing bad in knowing several languages. It’s rather beneficial. If someone in a tourism industry where he/she has to travel to different parts of the country, knowing the territorial languages will be beneficial for the work.


There is no need of abandoning one’s mother tongue. If you’re Punjabi, but you live in south India, you still can manage to speak your mother tongue with your family members. English and Hindi are generally used in the official work. So, knowing these two languages additionally will help one professionally. But that’s an added advantage, not a condition. What I mean to say that abandoning your mother tongue is meaningless. Everyone must be proud of and respect their origin. If there is need of anything, that’s changing the usual perception and the thoughts.

There is no compulsion that you have to know or always be in touch with your mother tongue either. It’s just that it will keep you connected to your loved ones. Remember, your family is the one who will always be in your support. So, we all need our mother tongue to communicate with and be in close contact with our family. Abandoning your mother tongue can never be a solution. It can’t be a condition. It’s up to you whether you want to keep your origin alive or not.


Abandoning your mother tongue will not get you any success. The other foreign languages you learn will be with you in addition to your mother tongue. There is another scenario. Suppose a child taking education outside his/her home country decides to come back and get admission. Not knowing the mother tongue will become his/her biggest barrier in that case. The child may have to suffer because of identity loss. So, from my point of view, abandoning your mother tongue is not a great idea at all. No matter in which country you live, always keep your children in touch with their mother tongue. They should at least be able to understand the language and communicate effortlessly.

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