Short Paragraph on My Idea of a Fun Weekend


Here is your short paragraph on My Idea of a Fun Weekend!

Weekends are always looked forward to by almost everyone. After a long a hectic week, it is one on weekends that we all relax and enjoy and make ourselves feel rejuvenated for the coming week, for the tasks and assignments that we need to do.

If the weekends are along with a holiday, even small trips could be planned well in advance.


The idea of a fun weekend could differ from person to person. Well according to me, the idea of a fun weekend would be something like spending some quality time with family and friends, and enjoy all that I could do. Since we would be having two days off, I have plenty of time to enjoy around and have fun.

I would love to play outdoor games with my friends all through the day and have lots of fun and enjoyment with them on one day. By evening, maybe I could I spent some time with my family, go out with them and enjoy a good dinner. On the second day, maybe we could go out, spend time again playing games, visiting friends and family and spending some time over their place. Apart from these, I also like going for small vacations with my family or small trips along with my friends. This gives lots of enjoyment and fun and would definitely rejuvenate me for the coming week to focus more in my studies and school activities.


Activities for weekends could be planned well in advance in some cases and we have also done it. Short trips, family get together were all planned well ahead of time and we did have great fun during those times too.

Sometimes, we conduct a get together or a party at our place and invite our friends and family over and have loads of fun and enjoyment throughout the party. Basically my idea is that one should really enjoy weekends as it gets you out from the other working days stress and makes you feel much refreshed with all the energy to start for a new week. If nothing works out, then lazing around and watching TV is also one among the best options.

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