Paragraph on My Favorite Working Day – by Jenny



Almost all of us go for different kinds of works. Some days are welcome, while some other days are not.

Most of us would look forward for a weekend to come round the corner, rather than the beginning of the week as it would be bombarded with loads and loads of work left to be completed.

However, in the midst of all these, we all would be having a personal favourite working day, that we either look forward too or would prefer to have, as we would be enjoying it the most.

My favourite working day:


Well coming to my favourite working day, I would say it would be first a Saturday and then Monday. Why these days, now that would be the question. Saturday, because I just need to work for a half day. The remaining day I get to spend with my family. And since Saturday being a half day, superiors do not expect some miracles to happen when coming to the targets and pressures as it is understood that much does not happen on a half working day.

Therefore I could make plans for the weekend, spend quality time with family, cook some mouth-watering food for them and on the whole relax and rejuvenate myself for the upcoming week at work. I look forward for Saturdays to turn around, by the end of the week and dream of the great time I would he having.


Another favourite day of mine is Monday. Monday’s are the beginning of the week and so I would be fully charged with energy and ideas to meet up for the next deadline. Lots of work could be completed and almost the pending work does not happen usually on Mondays. Though most Monday’s are busy days, I enjoy them as it keeps me working round the clock and also makes me feel thing and do so many creative things required for my job.

It makes me feel fresh and active throughout the day. Another reason why I like Monday’s is because, lunch would be provided at office, which makes it a lot more easier for me in not breaking my head to carry my lunch … Who would not love to be served good lunch at your table and not take the effort to make one, especially on a busy morning?

Though the other days keep me busy, it don’t find it that attractive as Saturdays` or Monday’s, as we slog, have pending files, and lots of things that does not fall in place, throughout the week.


We all have favourite days of the week at our work place and on those days, we would be more productive is what I feel, personally. When you do something with all that like, naturally the results too comes out in that manner. An organization would be greatly benefited if different people liked different days, as they would be having great results then, from the positive energy of people on different days!!!

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