Paragraph on My Favourite Day of the Work – by Anand



My favourite day of the work is Saturday as it is the day when I get to see my parents and enjoy the weekend.

I stay with my grandparents whereas my parents work in another city. They usually get to meet us a very few times every month.

The only time of the week they get off is during the weekends, especially Saturday. Thus, Saturday is the day I anxiously wait for all week to let off steam.

Arrival of Parents:


It is a wonderful feeling knowing that one’s parents are arriving. Usually my parents reach home very late Friday night or early Saturday morning. Whatever time they reach, I am usually asleep then. They reach and immediately fall asleep like kids after the long tiring journey. My mother finishes her nap and wakes me up in the morning. I hug and greet her. Then we both go to the kitchen and make tea for the rest of the family. I go and wake up my father and get him to the dining table. My grandparents join us and we have the morning chat. We sit together and share our experiences of the week.

Rendezvous with Father:

During each of my parents’ visit, my father always takes out time for me. After having breakfast, me and my father sit in the balcony and talk about our lives and open up to each other. He praises me for my achievements and helps me if I am stuck with a decision. I ask him about his work and congratulate him on his promotion. He always cracks jokes about his co-workers and makes me laugh. I also share with him the incidents with my friends and if I have any confessions. He keeps all of my secrets. The time of the day I spend with my dad before lunch, is the favourite time of the day for me.

Visit to the Movies and Dinner:


Me and my parents always visit the movies on Saturday night and have dinner together. At times, even our relatives join us for the movie, adding to the fun. We have dinner at the stalls. My father also never forgets to get groceries for the house as instructed by my grandma. Saturday nights are always fun and memorable for me as I get to spend my outing with my parents. We return home very tired and flustered. I usually hit the bed early on Saturday.


Saturday is my favourite day of work because of the amount of time I get to spend with my parents and the fun I have. We don’t do something very exciting or amazing but indulge in quite ordinary things like chatting, eating, shopping, watching movie etc. However, I don’t look forward to these activities each time but the people I am doing those activities with. I feel very loves and a sense of security always remains with me in these times. I treasure the time I get with my parents.

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