Paragraph on a Special Morning – by Anand



My special morning happened on a weekend of last month when my parents paid a surprise visit to me and they took me to an old age home for a visit.

I stay with my grandparents whereas my parents work in another city. They usually get to meet us a very few times every month.

The only time of the week they get off is during the weekends, especially Saturday.


However, for some work related problems my parents weren’t able to visit us for two months. It was a difficult time for me and hence I was eagerly waiting for their arrival when they dropped home all of a sudden one day.

Surprise Visit of My Parents:

It is a wonderful feeling knowing that one’s parents are arriving. Usually my parents reach home very late Friday night or early Saturday morning. When they reached home, I was fast asleep. They reached and immediately fell asleep like kids after the long tiring journey. My mother then finished her nap and woke me up in the morning. I was very happy and elated to see her. I hugged and greeted her.


Then we both went to the kitchen and made tea for the rest of the family. I went and woke up my father and got him to the dining table. My grandparents joined us and we had the morning chat. We sat together and shared our experiences over the period of two months. It was a special moment.

Visit to the Old Age Home:

Little did I know that my parents had plans of taking me to an old age home. My father used to occasionally visit the old age home. This time he took me along. The old-age home was situated in the outskirts of the city and was close to the national highway. When we entered the home, we were taken by surprise as there were more number of people than we had imagined. There was a common room where elderly men and women ranging from the ages of 60 till late 80s were seen.

Some of them were indulged in watching the television, some were sipping tea and chatting, some ladies were busy knitting and others were staring at us. We had brought with us food and blankets which we distributed amongst the members. They were ecstatic to have food from outside. We segregated ourselves and went to talk individually to everyone. It was a life changing experience for me.


It was indeed a special morning for me as I got to meet my parents after a long time and we went to visit an old-age home. The visit to the old-age home was a fulfilling experience for me as I came back home with not only memories but also some valuable lessons. When I reached home, I ran straight to my mother and hugged her tight saying that I would never abandon her or my father when they grew old. She held me tight with teary eyes.

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