Here is your short paragraph on my dream job:

Each one of us definitely has one or the other kind of a dream job that we would like to do one day. The idea might have derived from either someone in your family, a role model or someone whom you really admire, or even for some other situations.

No matter what the reason, having a dream job would definitely help you have a goal in life and aim to be there.

I too have a dream job and I would love to become a great Fashion Designer when I grow big.


The world of Fashion is an ever changing one and anyone entering to the field has to be ready for tough competitions and challenges. I have read several books on how great designers found their way to success through their tough times.

You need to be constantly aware of the latest’s fashion trends and customize it accordingly to your customer’s choice. However, there is so much fun into this. With lots of creativity and hard work, when we create a design and it gets notified, the excitement and happiness have no boundaries.


When we design a costume and you have your signature on it, the recognition that you achieve is no small but in fact it could go worldwide. Fashion designing does require lots of study and research and you need to be yourself unique. I keep trying various experiments on my own costumes now and I do get appreciation`s. So I am happy and this inspires and motivates me to be more into fashion designing.

Fashion is something that is a never ending process and it would be there as long as mankind exists. I love the various mix and matches that I do. The colour and styling for each dress, the accessories, the makeup all contributes to a well crafted design and outlook of the person who wears it.

Fashion designing is so much of fun and creative and I look forward to the days when I grow big and become a renowned Fashion Designer.