Paragraph on My Dream Birthday – by Silki



If you would have asked me about my dream birthday 10 years back, I would have given a different answer.

But now, when I’ve crossed the adolescent phase of life, I’ve a complete different outlook regarding my dream birthday.

During my childhood, birthday used to mean lots of gifts and toys to me.


The day used to be auspicious to me because I used to feel special. But now, having good time with the loved ones on my birthday is more important to me. Now I see it as not only a time for get together, but also a relief from the strenuous and boring hectic life.

Birthday Specials:

My dream birthday doesn’t have to be any high budget celebration. I personally don’t prefer to show off too much about it. But what I want is a complete relaxing day with all of my friends who are very close to my heart. On that day, I want to be in a place of my preference and want to eat food which I like. If I can, I would like to spend my birthday in a beautiful European country. I would like to plan a visit to a beautiful European country nearby my birthday so that I get to spend my birthday there.


Spending the whole day of my birthday in a place with too many natural beauty of the country would be especially unforgettable to me. I know fulfilling all of these criteria is not going to be practically possible, but if it is, then it would be my dream birthday. I would like to take my mother, whom I love most, to that beautiful European country and spend the whole day with her on my dream birthday.

Dream Birthday:

My dream birthday will be a day when I will be able to make my mother happy. I wanted to fulfill some of her wishes. So, if I could take her to some unforgettable international trip where I could spend my birthday with her once, it could be my dream birthday one day.

So, on my dream birthday, I would like to take a complete break from my usual routine, want my mother to be beside me, want to see her happy and eat lots of foods which I love most. I’m a foodie. So, lots of good foods have to be a part of my dream birthday. I treasure the thought and want to make it true one day.


My dream birthday should be the day where I want to see the people whom I admire most very happy. As I said, my mother is one of those people. I want to eat a lot, especially chicken made recipes to be very precise. I’m a non-vegetarian and never mind overeating if it’s a good chicken recipe.

My dream birthday should be a day when I don’t have to think about my dieting. I would not mind enjoying a spicy chicken recipe sitting with my mother in the balcony of a hotel in Germany. Although seems impossible, let’s see if my dream birthday becomes really true one day. I’ll try my best.

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