Here is your short paragraph on Happiness !

Happiness is the key towards leading a happy life. Happiness has no common definition and meaning that is accepted by all.

Every individual defines happiness in his/ her own unique way the way he/she feels it.

Happiness can never be seen, it can only be felt by the one who get it. Happiness is said to be an individual’s beliefs, faith, desires and aspirations.


Happiness is connected with things that make you feel happy such as faith, wealth, career, relationships and love. For many people happiness is much more than career, success and wealth.

For instance, Spiritual leaders like OSHO explain happiness as something which comes from within us. Still there are many people around us who claims that they have achieved everything in life in terms of wealth, career and success. But still they feel unhappy, unfulfilled, incomplete and anxious & fail to get happiness.


It is also said that happiness is attaining something which is most important to you as compared to all other things. Happiness is also said to be a way to have positive attitude towards life. Happiness can also be attained by doing good deeds towards others or treating others the way that makes you and them happy as well.

For instance, giving a kiss to your younger sibling daily after waking up in the morning and showing him how much you love them. For some happiness means loving life and seeing others happy. While some finds happiness in writing stories. Some conquer happiness in being simple yet the best person they can ever be. Everyone has their own unique way to feel happy by finding things that they never expected to find.

Happiness is finding reasons behind your existence. The extent of happiness cannot be measured by any scale. Happiness is neither tradable nor profitable. Everybody wants happiness in their lives. We must always be contented and happy with whatever we have. Though many people find happiness in wealth or materialistic things such as cars, TV, clothes, jewelry, cell phones, bikes etc. but they fail to understand that wealth is material and cannot guarantee happiness in the long run.

Even those who have owe all the luxurious of the world sometimes fail to attain happiness. Ultimately the decision to be happy lies with us. Finding happiness with the things we have is very important in life. If you are choosing happiness in success then you must keep trying to succeed if once failed.