Short Paragraph on My Idea of Happy Life (439 Words)


Here is your short paragraph on my idea of happy life:

Life is never easy & bed of roses. So is my life but still I am in love with my life. Life is full of joys and sorrows.

In fact sometimes there are less joy and more sorrows. My idea of a happy life is that we should never think too deeply about our bad days & become upset.


Instead we must learn on ways over how to deal with our sorrows and overcome them with grace. Dealing with bad situations in an art which can keep us happy always because we cannot deny the bitter truths about life, we are left with finding ways on searching moments of happiness & joys to keep ourselves satisfied.

However the idea of a happy and perfect life varies from person to person as life has different meaning for different peoples. Happiness is a state of mind & is not connected with eminence & material glory. Many people believe in earning so much wealth as they believe that happiness lies in wealth.


People believe that money is a route cause of all sadness & rich people enjoys life to the fullest in all the ways. But it is not the fact. In fact rich peoples also face sadness and unhappiness. Some people believe that people happiness is hidden behind high rank & authority. But this also does not hold true. It is seen that there is no person in this world who is completely satisfied with whatever he has.

Human wants are endless and he always wishes to achieve more and more. The endless desires of human beings are the main reason behind all the miseries of life. Therefore it is necessary to have contentment in life which is very essential for happiness. Worldly possessions are limitless.

You can never be happy and satisfies if you are always after owning all sorts of luxurious things in life. If you are doing this you will gain nothing but give ways to invite sorrows in life.

We should live a balanced life by keeping our wants limited. Famous people like Mahatma Gandhi, Christ; Lord Buddha also focused on importance of limiting our wants and desires to achieve true happiness. They said that greater simplicity will lead to greater happiness.

They believed that a man with sound health is the happiest person on earth. Your happiness entirely depends upon the way we think. Happiness also lies in the way we act. We must do right deeds to keep ourselves happy. Hence happiness lies nowhere but within our hearts. Honesty and contentment is the key.

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