Here is your paragraph on My Idea of Happy Life!

We often hear people around us saying that they all need to lead a happy life. Now what exactly is happy life? Is there a definition or a thumb rule that could be applied to attain a happy life?

Well as to what I understand, it all depends on how you see and what makes your life that makes it happy or sad.

Well even sometimes I wish I had a happy life, and then I think about the numerous other people who do not even have what I have. So then why should I think I need to be happy, when I already am when compared to those who are not?


According to me happy life, depends on how you see your life. If we are not greedy and content with what we have and not be jealous of others and happenings in their life, we are almost there!!! What we see in others may not be the actual picture that they have. We might be seeing the outer picture and thinking they are happy, which makes us sad. Being blessed with good food, good friends, good family a good home and being healthy is what counts most important for one to be happy.

Whenever I feel a bit sad, my mom has always told me to think of people who do not have homes, proper food, who are sick and dying and have no money to buy medicines, then we would realize how blessed we are and we should be thankful to God and be happy that we are not one among them suffering like them. Isn’t that happiness?


Spending time with family, enjoying the small things that we do for them and what they do for us, the little outings and presents that we get, all these matters and would be just right for one to be happy, if we think we just need that much.

But if you compare yourselves with others on every single matter, you would never find happiness in your life, and would be all the time frustrated and would not be able to enjoy life. So thank God for what you have and be happy with it.