Short Paragraph on Biotechnology


Here is your short paragraph on biotechnology.

Biotechnology is the use of biological materials ranging from whole organisms to a gene or its physiological processes for producing bio-products for commerce by the application of biological, physical and engineering sciences.

Its application in horticulture, agriculture, forests, and medicines has helped to improve the quality of life. It involves use of living organisms to provide for commercial and environmental activities. Environmental biotechnology has evolved as a stream on its own and involves preventing pollution and treating wastes.


United Nations Convention on Biological Diversity defines biotechnology as ‘any technological application that uses biological systems, living organisms, or derivatives thereof, to make or modify products or processes for specific use’.

However, developments in molecular biology have given a great boost to biotechnology. Biotechnology has made significant impact on human beings in recent years. It includes molecular biology and genetics to create desired agricultural products, food, animal feed, industrial materials and medicines.


Some of the gifts of biotechnology are as follows:

i. Crops produced genetically are better in taste and nutritional quality, improved shelf life, flavour and more healthy.

ii. Such crops even conserve water and the environment.

iii. Industrial application in the case of developing eco-friendly plastics with the use of corn.

iv. To treat or prevent fatal diseases, drugs, antibiotics and vaccines are developed with the use of biotechnology.

v. Biotechnology has helped in developing drugs based on natural compounds.


vi. Biotechnology is used to eradicate crop diseases through bio-pesticides and bio-fertilizers.

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