Short Paragraph on Recycling (465 Words)


Here is your short paragraph on Recycling !

Recycling is the process of gathering used materials (mainly waste materials) & reprocessing them again in order to use them.

During recycling the used materials are sorted & processed out so that they can be used again as ‘raw materials’ to manufacture new products.


The most commonly recycled items are aluminum, glass, batteries, plastic, paper etc. Recycling is considered as the best way to create a positive impact over the environment where we live. Recycling plays an important role for both human beings and natural environment.

Major reasons that lead to increment in the amount of waste materials/ rubbish on earth:


I. Due to increase in population and wealth people are purchasing more products that result in creating more waste products.

II. Technological & new packing products that are being manufactured contain non biodegradable materials.

Due to excessive use of non biodegradable materials our planet is facing critical issues regarding their usage.

Recycling saves the environment from overconsumption of such resources & preserving them for the coming generation. Recycling also promotes cleaner water and air by reducing pollution.

Recycling is gaining huge popularity these days. It is becoming valuable to countries that do not have enough forests like China. Through recycling companies are able to manufacture products at cheap cost in comparison to products manufactured from new materials. This ultimately saves a lot of money on account of consumers. However some recycle products cost high amount of money but the benefits it gives over rules the cost because it helps to keep the planet healthy & safe for present as well as future generation.

Importance of recycling:


I. Recycling helps to reduce the amount of pollution (harmful green house gases & chemicals) that is released in the environment through rubbish in landfill sites.

II. Recycling helps to preserve the forests/ natural vegetation which ultimately helps to prevent global warming.

III. Recycling helps to minimize energy consumption because hug amount of energy is used while manufacturing products from raw materials.

IV. Recycling helps to save a lot of money because manufacturing products from recycled materials costs much less as compared to products made from raw materials.


V. Recycling is the best way to preserve resources for future generations by optimally utilizing them.

The process of recycling involves 3 stages. In the 1st stage the waste materials are collected & processed. They are sorted, cleaned & prepared to manufacture new products. The 2nd stage involves formation of new products from the old ones. In the 3rd stage or the final stage the recycled goods are made available in the market so that people can purchase them. More purchases mean more success which can be done by creating the awareness in the society. Create awareness and help to keep our planet safe and healthy.

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