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Paragraph on Earth’s Atmosphere

Paragraph on Earth's Atmosphere! The Earth's atmosphere is 99.9% nitrogen, oxygen and argon, of the remaining 0.1%, roughly half (0.04%) is accounted for by the three transition gases CO2, Ne and He. The remaining minute fraction of the atmosphere (0.66%) is composed of a complex mixture of hundreds of trace gases, the most abundant being methane at 1.7 ppm. Many [...]

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Short Paragraph on Recycling (465 Words)

Here is your short paragraph on Recycling ! Recycling is the process of gathering used materials (mainly waste materials) & reprocessing them again in order to use them. During recycling the used materials are sorted & processed out so that they can be used again as ‘raw materials’ to manufacture new products. The most commonly recycled items are aluminum, glass, [...]

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Short Paragraph on Environment

Read this short paragraph on environment ! The environment is the surroundings from water, air, animals, waste, plants, and other things that surround us. The environment constitutes of many things that is closely intertwined to create a harmonic balance. The environment means different things to different people. To biologists, it’s all the living things that exist in the biosphere. To [...]

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